[:en]Server Update! — Aug. 20th 2016.[:ja]サーバの更新! – 8月20日2016。[:kr]서버 업데이트! – 8 월 20 일 2016.[:]

[:en][Corum Classic Server]

Maintenance — AUGUST 20, 2016

Patch notes:


Backup of All character info and files August 20th 2016
[!] Backup successfully completed.

Top Floor/Special Monsters increase by 25% EXP
Exp adjustments per level have been changed.
Some Drop rate adjustments

There has been two item additions to new characters:
※ Reskill (Bound to character)
※ Restat (Bound to character)

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[:en]Server Update — Solar/Lunar Gear![:]

[:en][Corum Classic Server] Server Update — Solar/Lunar Gear!

I think my closing thoughts are each set will get a 0-1 skill on body to make it more valuable if made with extra skill.
the percentage of Exp & drop rates on set bodies will also be a range of “+8 ~ 16%” to also add more value.

I should also point out the final status of Solar/Lunar….
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[:en]Maintenance — AUGUST 1, 2016[:de]News Title Headline Two[:ja]メンテナンス – 2016年8月1日[:kr]유지 보수 – 2016년 8월 1일[:]

[:en][Corum Classic Server]

Maintenance — AUGUST 1, 2016

Patch notes:

※ Some Dual item status has been updated
※ ‘Points Check Item’ has been added to supplies shop and Dual cash shop last page.
※ Item Upgrade (35%) & Item Making (35%) items have been added to cash shop.
※ Libra Zodiac Card has been fixed. Item does not disappear when succeeding in upgrade. *cheer*
※ Guild Info has been updated. Top guild now has guild flag.
※ Some sieges has started item production
※ Server equipment has been upgraded. RAM 3GB > 5 GB. CPU cores 4 > 6

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[:en]Corum Classic is now live![:de]News Title Headline[:ja]コルム・クラシックは今生きています![:kr]코룸 클래식 지금 살고 있습니다![:]

[:en][Corum Classic]
Server is now active.
Good luck on this new journey.

[Some information]
Please always use autopatcher when running client, If your camera gets bugged press the “TAB” key, it will reset your camera. the “F” key no longer summons your guardian. press Shift+G combination to summon your guardian. There has been various fixes and changes. The server and speed runs much better, you can play on max effects with no noticeable lagg.

If you see a player breaking the rules you must report, if you don’t your account will be banned as well. We are tolerating no cheating, or any kind of unfair advantages in this version. you will be banned, no warning.

please invite everyone to play. this is always open to everyone.
if you want to purchase points:

Download now! ~

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