Server Update! — Aug. 20th 2016.

[Corum Classic Server]

Maintenance — AUGUST 20, 2016

Patch notes:


Backup of All character info and files August 20th 2016
[!] Backup successfully completed.

Top Floor/Special Monsters increase by 25% EXP
Exp adjustments per level have been changed.
Some Drop rate adjustments

There has been two item additions to new characters:
※ Reskill (Bound to character)
※ Restat (Bound to character)

EXP Item Under LV70 is now tradable.
※ [!] New characters with this item cannot trade it.

Some item’s have been adjusted:
※ Elrhea’s necklace [Sorceress only]
※ Dragonic Boots [Fighter only]
※ Abyss’ Eyes [Summoner Only]
※ Abyss’ Dispersion [Summoner Only]

[!] Set bonus has been adjusted:
※ Cellci’s Field Manual

Solar/Lunar Item materials have been made.
※ They drop all over WorldMap2. – World Map 2 (Xiah, Irnot, Almansia villages)

Client Text fixes:
※ PK Zone text fixes on lobby floors of siege/Event Dungeons

Cash Charge
Top Players — April 10, 2017

Crown-512 remua — 111


mieew — 110


Marigold — 110


irohas — 106


Julius — 106


For a full list of top players by Class please visit:
Top Players
Top Guilds — April 10, 2017

Crown-512 Ares — LV.5

AssassinZ — LV.4

*[NSFW]* — LV.4

Flower — LV.4

Tweety — LV.4

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