[Kaien’s Revenge] Easter Event Video!

Patch notes:
Starter 100 Defense helmet updated

Peridot Ring & Dragon ring can now be transferred in bank between your characters.

display for Witch D dual helmet status has been updated.
Changes to Dual armor set bonuses:
Squad Suit Black:
Addition of SP Per Level + 4
Panda Suit Set:
Addition of SP Per Level + 5
Witch D:
STR + 40

Easter Event begun!… Continue reading

Patch “CV_009100121” available!

[Kaien’s Revenge]
Patch complete! please update your game clients to version “CV_009100121

Patch notes:
Addition of starter boost item for new players.
Starter Boost (under Lv50) – (5 days)
Physical Defense up 40%
All Elemental Resist Power + 10%
Karz Drop rate doubled
Movement Speed + 250
All Stats + 100

Drop rate permanently adjusted.
Some upgrades have been added to guardians for… Continue reading

Video Diary 1: [TrainingDungeon] Experience addition fixed!


[Kaien’s Revenge] IMPORTANT UPDATE!

effective immediately!
I have fixed the TrainingDungeon Experience. You now get experience from monster in TrainingDungeon. I have uploaded this video to show the fix, it is active in both trainingdungeons & accumulated experience if you win.
SurvivorDungeon is still accumulated experience. I will be working on that soon. as well as offering box item to winner of dungeon! (soon)… Continue reading

Server Update! — OCTOBER 27, 2016

[Kaien’s Revenge] Server update!

Update game client to version “CV_009100115” !

This update brings three new free box items, you can hunt monsters for the box items.
Lv.50 ~ 45 ~ 65 monsters LV.
Lv.75 ~ 70 ~ 85 monsters LV.
Lv.100 ~ 100 ~ 130 monsters LV.

Also addition of Masic Shamir ~
Golden Guardian (2 weeks),

The Halloween Consumable items have been adjusted,… Continue reading

Guardian Skill sale! READ. Guardian Information

[Corum Classic Server]

Maintenance — Sept 17, 2016

Update client to Version “CV_009100113”

Patch notes:

※ Guardian Skill Box sale has begun 250p ea.
– You will not receive Toxication or Bash from this skill box
– This box contains all other skills

* Guardian Information
Petichu > Str ( all skills )
Venon > Str ( all skills )
Balbato > Str main stat for skills except ice wave,… Continue reading

Maintenance — SEPTEMBER 6, 2016

[Corum Classic Server]

Maintenance — SEPTEMBER 6, 2016

Patch notes:


※ EventDungeon has been added to Worldmap
※ Luksumar Dungeon has been added to worldmap

[Sale] ※ Guardian Item Box has started sale
– you can receive guardian material items from this box. As well as consumables, and event consumables.
– The sale will last from 9/6/2016 ~ 9/10/2016 [New items] The following new… Continue reading

Major Client Update!

[Corum Classic]

Please update your client to version “CV_009100110” the following fixes will be implemented:

※ Client MAX FPS has been changed from 25 > 35
– This will allow the game to run much smoother

※ Changing client text to original Gpotato/Japan server text.
– This bothered me for a long time. It’s so nice and nostalgic to see original text on my version!… Continue reading

Rozenof fix ~ new patcher/Update

[Corum Classic]


after a lot of hexing, and binary coding. I have found a fix for Rozenof.
the problem though. the current patcher doesn’t package the Map_Pak\Map.pak file.

I had to hex the autopatcher to fix that. unfortunately this will need to create a whole new CorumAutopatch file.
here is my instructions so you can continue playing!

Run “CorumAutopatch.exe” normally as you… Continue reading

Small Patch/Maintenance Finished!

[Corum Classic Server]

Maintenance — AUGUST 23, 2016

Patch notes:

※ All Boss Drops have been updated. [!] ※ All drops finished for both TrainingDungeons [!!]

※ Some item icons changed to match
※ Magi’s Shield now has correct item resource

I’m planning more changes later this week so keep playing!

Server Update! — Aug. 20th 2016.

[Corum Classic Server]

Maintenance — AUGUST 20, 2016

Patch notes:


Backup of All character info and files August 20th 2016
[!] Backup successfully completed.

Top Floor/Special Monsters increase by 25% EXP
Exp adjustments per level have been changed.
Some Drop rate adjustments

There has been two item additions to new characters:
※ Reskill (Bound to character)
※ Restat (Bound to character)

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Cash Charge

Top Players — April 10, 2017

Crown-512 remua — 111


mieew — 110


Marigold — 110


irohas — 106


Julius — 106


For a full list of top players by Class please visit:
Top Players

Top Guilds — April 10, 2017

Crown-512 Ares — LV.5

AssassinZ — LV.4

*[NSFW]* — LV.4

Flower — LV.4

Tweety — LV.4

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