[:en][Kaien’s Revenge] Easter Event Video![:]


Patch notes:
Starter 100 Defense helmet updated

Peridot Ring & Dragon ring can now be transferred in bank between your characters.

display for Witch D dual helmet status has been updated.
Changes to Dual armor set bonuses:
Squad Suit Black:
Addition of SP Per Level + 4
Panda Suit Set:
Addition of SP Per Level + 5
Witch D:
STR + 40

Easter Event begun!
The event monsters are held in the EventDungeon which has been modified.

You can find the Easter Basket box from various monsters.
inside this box it contains many free items.
New item additions for the Event:

Guardian Stat boosters.
each item will increase your guardians stat based upon the corresponding item.
Ego + 10
Str + 10
Int + 10
Dex + 10
Vit + 10
AllStatus + 10

** If your guardian’s stats go above the maximum 300 stat they cannot be used! **
* restat items will get rid of the candied item effects so use them wisely!

Cash Charge
[:en]Top Players — April 10, 2017[:ja]トッププレーヤー – 2017年4月10日[:]

Crown-512 remua — 111


mieew — 110


Marigold — 110


irohas — 106


Julius — 106


For a full list of top players by Class please visit:
Top Players
[:en]Top Guilds — April 10, 2017[:ja]トップギルド – 2016年4月10日[:kr]최고 길드 – 2016년 10월 27일[:de]Top Guilds – 4 augustus 2016[:]

Crown-512 Ares — LV.5

AssassinZ — LV.4

*[NSFW]* — LV.4

Flower — LV.4

Tweety — LV.4


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Item Name Here

Item Name Here

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