Patch “CV_009100121” available!

[Kaien’s Revenge]
Patch complete! please update your game clients to version “CV_009100121

Patch notes:
Addition of starter boost item for new players.
Starter Boost (under Lv50) – (5 days)
Physical Defense up 40%
All Elemental Resist Power + 10%
Karz Drop rate doubled
Movement Speed + 250
All Stats + 100

Drop rate permanently adjusted.
Some upgrades have been added to guardians for first time testing.
I have switched some values in the BaseMonster table.
Drop rate values
Item drop count minimum and maximum have been adjusted for various monsters.

Changes to inventory and store windows:
If an armor or weapon does not require a level the text will not be shown.
If a weapon does not require a strength value the text will not be shown.
Fixed bound item text coloring.

Website updates:
Updated top players on main page.
Updated full top 10 for overall and by each class.
Updated Guild rankings.

Cash Charge
Top Players — April 10, 2017

Crown-512 remua — 111


mieew — 110


Marigold — 110


irohas — 106


Julius — 106


For a full list of top players by Class please visit:
Top Players
Top Guilds — April 10, 2017

Crown-512 Ares — LV.5

AssassinZ — LV.4

*[NSFW]* — LV.4

Flower — LV.4

Tweety — LV.4

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